Assembly Instructions

Assembling RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets is dependent on the type of cabinet construction.  There are two (2) distinct types of cabinet construction: Cam-Lock system assembly, and Dovetail with glued and screwed corner assembly.  The titles below are PDF pages and video links that provide instructions for various cabinet types.  These instructions are somewhat generic in nature because the manufacturer occasionally adjusts the cabinet design. Therefore these instructions may not precisely reflect the cabinets you receive but will give you a sense of what is generally involved in the assembly.  Please note: For sink base kitchen and bathroom cabinets (vanities) the back panel may have an open back or may require a hole to be cut in the back for plumbing.  Additionally, false drawer fronts may not come pre-mounted to the face frame. 

Like any carpentry project, a good understanding of wood working is required to successfully assemble and install your cabinets.  If you find yourself with a problem that is beyond your capability we recommend that you enlist the help of a professional.

The JSI cabinet lines (Designer, Premier, and Craftsman), as of June 2017, are moving from the Cam-Lock system to the Dovetail assembly with glued and screwed corners as inventory gets replaced.  The following pages provide instructions from the manufacturer for various cabinet types using the Cam-Lock system.  Also, the video link provides instructions for the new Dovetail assembly with glued and screwed corners.  We highly recommend that you watch the assembly videos to be sure you are comfortable with skills required to assemble the these cabinets before you purchase.

The Gran Tierra line of cabinets exclusively uses the Cam-Lock system for cabinet assembly.  The following video links and pages provide instructions for various cabinet types.
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