Manufacturers Discretion

The manufacturer of cabinets, vanities and accessories; reserves the right to change or discontinue items listed for sale on this web-site.  myCabinetPlace.com will display to the best of our knowledge and as accurately as we can the cabinets, vanities, and accessories offered by the manufacturer.  If we learn that an item is no longer available we will remove the listing of that item as soon as possible.  If you order an item that is not available we will inform you of the issue as soon as possible and refund your money or adjust your order according to your instructions.  However, if you receive an item that has been changed by the manufacturer and you do not  wish to keep it, the item may be returned in accordance with our Return Policy. 

Cancellation Policy

Orders that are placed and then cancelled before being prepared for shipping by the warehouse will be subject to a 10% service fee to cover credit card processing and handling costs incurred by myCabinetPlace.com.  Once an order has been prepared for shipping at the warehouse and before it is shipped, a cancelled order will incur a 25% service fee to cover credit card processing and handling, and restocking charges incurred by myCabinetPlace.com.  After an order has been shipped it cannot be cancelled.  Orders can be returned according to the Return Policy. 

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the items you ordered returns are accepted under the following policy.  Note, we do not offer design services for kitchens or bathrooms - just great prices on high quality cabinets.  Therefore, we are not responsible for nor will we be help liable for cabinets and accessories ordered.

1. Accepted returns must be pre-authorized by myCabinetPlace.com before the returned items are shipped.  Returned items will need to be shipped to the warehouse and address that will be supplied by myCabinetPlace.com.  For authorization please send an email request to mail@myCabinetPlace.com.

2. Requests to return items must be made to “myCabinetPlace.com” within 14 days from date of receipt of shipment.

3. All returned items must be in original packaging and will incur a 25% restocking fee upon return receipt.

4. If a problem is found, do not assemble or install the cabinet before contacting myCabinetPlace.com.  No returms or claims will be accepted after assembly or installation.

5. You are responsible for setting up and paying for all return shipments.

6. Returned products that are received at the warehouse in a damaged condition and are not re-sellable, will not receive credit.

7. You will receive credit within 1 week after the item is received by the warehouse for the value of the returned items minus applicable restocking fees and any incurred shipping fees, which includes actual shipping fees paid by myCabinetPlace.com  and any shipping fees on products returned that received free shipping.

8. Returned items will not be processed and credit will not be issued by myCabinetPlace.com for incomplete or missing items.

9. If you discover a mistake with your order please call or send an email to mail@myCabinetPlace.com.  Emails should include the buyer’s name, order number, shipping address, a description of the mistake and digital photos if applicable.  A confirmation email will be sent and we will proceed to remedy the mistake as soon as possible.

Backorder Policy

We do our best to keep adequate supply of merchandise on hand, but we sometimes temporarily run short of an item. All back-order merchandise will be shipped separately when received, shipping charges apply.

Damaged Goods Policy


Orders are shipped via common carriers.  The common carrier will require you to sign for the order at time of delivery.  You are responsible to ensuring all items are delivered.  If you find visible damage to any item upon delivery the following steps should be followed:

1. Notify the delivery driver of the damage and make a note of the damage with the driver before you sign off on the delivery.

2. You need to accept all delivered items regardless if some items are damaged.  Please do not reject any items.

3. If you do not note with the driver at the time of delivery the visible damage a claim cannot be made with the carrier and you may not be entitled to replacement parts.

4. You must notify myCabinetplace.com within 72 housrs of receiving your shipment in which visibly damaged items were received so that a damage claim can be made with the common carrier.  Please note in an email to mail@myCabinetPlace.com the following items pertaining to the damaged items: buyer’s name, order number, shipping address, a description of the damage including item number and parts needing replaced, and digital photos of the damaged items.  A confirmation email will sent after we receive your damage claim email and then we will proceed to ship replacements/parts as soon as possible.


All orders must be inspected for concealed damage or missing items within 14 days of receiving the order.  If you find concealed damage and/or missing items please note in an email to mail@myCabinetPlace.com the following items pertaining to the damaged and/or missing items:

  1. Your Name
  2. Order Number
  3. Shipping Address
  4. Item Number
  5. Description of the damaged and/or missing items
  6. Parts needing replacement
  7. Digital photos of the damaged items
  8. Digital photos of the box showing no external or visible damage

A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your damage claim email and then we will proceed to ship replacements/parts as soon as possible.

Note, once a cabinet is removed from their shipping box it can not be returned and refunds will not be made.  By removing the cabinet pieces from the original packaging you have accepted the cabinet even if it is not cabinet you ordered.

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