Product Receiving Instructions

Product Receiving Instructions

1. Count pieces and inspect the external conditions of the boxes immediately upon delivery.

2. Most shipments will need to be signed for by an adult.

3. The carrier has acknowledged the receipt of the shipment from our facilities in good condition.  By your acceptance of the shipment from the carrier without noting any external damage, you acknowledge that your order has been completely delivered and in good condition.   We are not responsible for loss or damage during shipping if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt without noting any visible damage.

4. If visible damage is noted on the items please accept the shipment and follow the instructions listed under DAMAGED ORDERS below.

5. If any shortages are discovered upon delivery, make a note of the shortage with the driver before signing and accepting the order.

6. Within 14 days of receiving the shipment please inspect the boxes by following these steps.

a. Check that the cabinets you received match the cabinets that you ordered.  Note, to help protect the cabinets during shipping, we may double wrap the boxes.  As a result, the labeling on the outside of the box may not accurately reflect the actual contents of the box.

  • Carefully open each box to determine if it has been double wrapped. Boxes that are shipped on a pallet will typically not be double wrapped.
  • Note, pictures of the box will be needed by the manufacturer if damaged items are discovered.  Therefore, please open the boxes carefully so that in case a damaged part is discovered a picture can be taken of the box to show that it arrived without external visible damage.
  • If it has been double wrapped check the labeling on the inside box to be sure it is what you ordered.
  • If the labeling on the inside box does not match your order please stop, do not open the inside box and contact us as soon as possible.
  • If the labeling on the inside box does match your order proceed with opening the box and assembling your cabinet.
  • If it is not double wrapped and is not what you ordered please reseal the box and contact us as soon as possible. 
  • By removing the item from the box you have accepted the item and refunds or returns will not be accepted even if it is not what you originally ordered.
  • All cabinets returned must be returned in their original box and packaging and in a re-sellable condition.  Cabinets that have been removed from the box cannot be returned.
  • Note, pieces that are received in a damaged condition, for example broken pieces, or pieces with scratches, dents, or finish imperfections in areas that are visible, will be replaced at our cost including shipping.  Please see manufacturers warranties as listed on the website.
b. After you determined the items you received are the correct items, open each box and inspect the individual pieces.  If damage is found do not assemble the cabinet or discard the packing or box.  The cabinet may need to be returned or inspected by the shipper for claims purposes.  If concealed damage or missing items are discovered please follow the instructions listed under CONCEALED DAMAGE OR MISSING ITEMS.

7. Claims will not be allowed without the proper paperwork signed by you and the common carrier.


Orders are shipped via common carriers.  The common carrier will require you to sign for the order at time of delivery.  You are responsible to ensuring all items are delivered.  If you find visible damage to any item upon delivery the following steps should be followed:

1. Notify the delivery driver of the damage and make a note of the damage with the driver before you sign off on the delivery.

2. You need to accept all delivered items regardless if some items are damaged.  Please do not reject any items.

3. If you do not note the visible damage at the time of delivery with the driver, a claim cannot be made with the carrier and you may not be entitled to replacement parts.

4. You must notify within 72 hours of receiving your shipment in which visibly damaged items were received so that a damage claim can be made with the common carrier.  Please note in an email to the following items pertaining to the damaged items: buyer’s name, order number, shipping address, a description of the damage including item number and parts needing replaced, and digital photos of the damaged items.  A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your damage claim email and then we will proceed to ship replacements parts as soon as possible.


All orders must be inspected for concealed damage or missing items within 14 days of receiving the order.  If you find concealed damage and/or missing items please note in an email to the following items pertaining to the damaged and/or missing items:

  1. Your Name
  2. Order Number
  3. Shipping Address
  4. Item Number
  5. Description of the damaged and/or missing items
  6. Parts needing replacement
  7. Digital photos of the damaged items
  8. Digital photos of the box showing no external or visible damage

A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your damage claim email and then we will proceed to ship replacements/parts as soon as possible.

Note, once a cabinet is removed from their shipping box it can not be returned and refunds will not be made.  By removing the cabinet pieces from the original packaging you have accepted the cabinet even if it is not the cabinet you ordered.

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